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Oh! Hi!

What is this? Who am I? What will you find here?

My name is Kate Ressman. I’m a writer and a bunch of other things, but it’s the writer part that’s important.

This is where I’m starting. My first, very own, blog under my own name. With my own domain and everything.

What you will find here: my research. This may be anything from first person reflections on the Japanese internment to the mythology of djinns. These are things I’m researching for books that may never be published, short stories, or books that *are* published. It may be dull at times, but there might be a gem in here for you to use.

What you won’t find here: me writing about writing, me writing about publishing (beyond “yo, here’s my book”), or writing about agents, or business, or anything having to do with Amazon.

I won’t promise that there won’t be a bit of politics or religion mixed in, but for the most part, this is about knowledge. Expanding my knowledge, passing on interesting tidbits – whether it’s the best way to roast dormouse or the fact that finding djinn mythology is a pain in the rear – is really what this is all about.

Oh, and comments policy. I’m going to start this one off right. Comments will be moderated until I know I can trust you. Spam will be canned. Flamers will be banned. And if you say anything offensive – racist, homophobic,¬†misogynistic, etc? BANNED. There will be no passing go. And your comments will not post up before I see them. This may slow down the commenting here, but I’m not going to let this turn into some den of iniquity with shady characters selling “tasty prawns” in my comments or people being hurtful. I’ve been burned before and I’m not going to let it happen again.

So, there’s that taken care of.

See you on the flip side!

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