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Sunday Night Music: Bridge over Troubled Water

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August 14, 2016 · 5:11 pm

August 2016 Goals Update

I do these to be accountable to someone, even if it’s just the net. Let’s see if I did anything on this list. I know I was busy… Better late than never!

    • Complete Short Stories:
      • TTOBT
      • WOW
      • CN
      • ZJ
      • GG
    • Complete Novels:
      • K&N — Actually got a chapter or two done.
      • TBM
      • TCC
      • ADM
      • PR
    • Sell 60 items this year (5/month) <– Sold 1 doll Total count = 33
    • Post 12 Pc of Artwork on Etsy
    • Finish stuffed cupcake <– More than a quarter of the base now finished
    • Cupcake progress
    • Blog daily on Bittersuites <– Wow. This was an utter failure.
    • Write 12 flash stories on Wedschild’s Wanderings <–I am so behind.
  • Podcast flash stories
  • Create audiobook for CBE
  • Edit C.J. short story
  • Update Patreon
  • Create IGB Videos
  • Quarterly newsletters for IGB&GFP  <– Hired a VA – to be known here as C – she’s making templates for me.
  • Exercise 3X a week : T, TH, S

Pie in the Sky Goals

  • Start a hyper-local paper for BG. — Go door to door gathering info 
  • Develop an AI assistant
  • Start a gentlewoman’s club — like an old-fashioned men’s club. A dining room, a bar, reading/lounge rooms, library, gaming room, media room, rentable area for weddings and like, rooms that members can sleep in for the night. Yearly membership, plus food and such. 

Actual Bucket Goals

  • Adapt forensic sniffer as a blood sugar detector
  • Sail on a clipper ship
  • Visit Paris (Esp. Disney Paris)
  • Visit London and take the Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper tours
  • Go back to Germany and visit all the places I missed and what was East Germany
  • Develop a method for cleaning up space junk. Possibly using electromagnets. 


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Sunday Night Music: We Shall Be Free

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The Great Ebay Experiment 8-7-16

Seven months in and still drowning in stuff!

We’ll start with what’s sold:

  • Vintage Scootles Doll


A bit of slow month. Only sold one doll. That might have something to do with my not listing enough. As in, not listing anything this month. Time to get down to work.

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