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Sept 30, 2019

Trying to figure out how to be more positive, so let’s try this gratitude journaling thing:

1) I am grateful for my apprentice because she has made it necessary for me to crystallize my practice enough that I can explain it to others.

2) I am grateful for the time I have with my parents because I know I won’t have it forever.

3) I am grateful for my business partners because I would never be able to keep myself moving forward in business without someone to bounce ideas against and be accountable to.

Words written: none yet, but it’s early

EBay: Cracker Jack doll

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Read in September 2019


  • Combatting Cult Mind Control – Steve Hassan (audiobook)
  • The Three Day Effect – Florence Williams (audiobook)
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    Sept 29 2019

    Working my way through the eBay death-pile today. Spent several hours on it. Now, I am done for the day and waiting for dinner to show up.

    Just got told that relatives are coming the weekend, so I am pretty sure that cleanup is in my future.

    Words written: 0

    EBay sold: 1 pattern

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    Sept 27 2019

    Almost slipped off to bed without writing anything today. But I thought, at the last minute, that despite the headache I’m trying to kill, I really need to not break my streak. I can’t make it a habit if I let myself slack off.

    I’ve come to realize that I am an all or nothing sort of girl. I have to either drink soda or not drink soda. I don’t do “sometimes” well. So, the same thing applies to blogging. I either have to do it every day, or just pretend that all I want to do is put out Sunday Night music posts and the occasional read books post. I don’t want to do that. I want to have an actual blog, where I can talk about actual things.

    Not politics though. Because right now? Politics makes me want to thump a stuffed animal against the wall until it explodes. So, until I manage to not have rage issues when I think about politics, I will stay mum on the topic.

    So, having actually written an entry, I’m off to journal away some creative blocks, if possible. Talk to you tomorrow. Hopefully. 🙂 It’s D&D day tomorrow and I cannot wait.

    Writing today: 0 words

    eBay sales: 2 Disney dwarf figures.

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    Sept 26 2019

    Spent half an hour on a circular phone tree. *sighs* Technology advances society right?

    Actually ran through some course-work today from a business course. I’m hoping that it will actually work when I get through finishing everything.

    I files some sales taxes. And I filed some paperwork. And despite the fact that I did not go to work, I managed to get a lot done.

    Trying to build a new business and an actual course with videos and all that sort of thing. It’s exciting and freaky at the same time.

    In terms of writing? Not a darn thing was done today on writing. LOL.

    eBay update: sold a vintage box. Yup. You never know what will sell on eBay. 🙂

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    Sept 25 2019

    Almost turned the car around this morning to crawl back into bed. I forced my way through and managed to make it through. Wasn’t very productive, but that was due to technology issues rather than my mettle.

    Traffic to and from work was awful. Commutes. Who needs ’em. Blech.

    EBay: nothing to report.


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    Sept 24 2019

    Oops. I missed one.

    It was a pretty bland day yesterday.

    So, I normally hold all of my stress in my body. Right now my shoulders and neck are so tense that they are just aching and have been for so long that it feels as if that is their natural state. But I know that is not true. I know that it is possible to not have this sort of pain and I need to eliminate the stressors which are leading to this state. I can identify several of those. The largest of those is that my day to day job does not allow me to properly use my creativity or tell the stories that I feel the need to let out. I cannot talk about the things I love or that interest me because they are alien to the place where I am spending most of my day.

    My next question to myself is obviously, how do I change that?

    EBay update: 1 watch, 1 pattern, 1 kitchen piece, 1 magazine.

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    Sept 22 2019

    My friend is scattering her mother’s ashes today, so I am going to let the dogs out and make sure they get fed.

    It’s making me think about not only my future, but also my family’s rituals around death. The memorial or the mass is not the important part to our family. At least not that I have seen. It’s the after-party. Yeah, I am not really sure what to cal it. It’s not a wake. A wake happens before the funeral. This is after the funeral.

    We talk and eat and share stories about the deceased. I have learned more about my family at these events than practically any other way. They aren’t always new stories, but everyone tells them differently. And there were people I was related to that I only ever met in that space.

    It’s also has made me reevaluate where I am and where I want to go. What do I want to do with my life for the next 40 years? Not what I am doing today as my day job, that is for sure.

    EBay update: sold 7 dolls and a Kenner projector with slides.

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    Sept 21 2019

    Been a quiet day so far. Watching Antiques Roadshow and listing things on eBay.

    Waiting for Sumo highlights on NHK.

    I should be writing, but I am in purge mode right now.

    Sold on eBay: lot of 58 tea strainers & a SW mini-drone.

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    Sept 20 2019

    It was a quiet day. I have started a new short story, so that’s good. And there’s been some response about vlogging. So we will have to see.

    Today I learned that Waverley Sanatorium puts on a Christmas display. This is now on my bucket list.

    EBay Update: sold a Pop and a Fraggle Rock Book.

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