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Saturday 9-14-19

At some point I will start coming up with interesting titles again. But habits are hard to make, but easy to break in the beginning.

Errand speed run. Hit the bank, the dollar store, and estate sale, and picked up a table I bought through Next Door all in and hour and change. Go me!

It’s Halloween decorating time and I had a small orgy of Dollar Store decor to add to the ten boxes already in the basement. Picked up a “frog” and a “piranha” skeleton. Baubles for the all-seasons tree in the living room, and small pumpkins to tuck in and around things in the house.

So far today, sold a doll on eBay. There are bids on other auctions but none that will sell today. She’s a big one so I am happy. I am all about reducing the pile of satin and tulle filling a chair in the dining room.

Popped a set of Time Life books on Next Door because shipping them would be a pain in the rear. They are cool books but we are done with them and the second hand shop won’t take them.

Off to D&D with my crazy pals. Until tomorrow!


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Friday 13th September 2019

Watched an 18wheeler run a red light and two cars blow past a stopped school bus. Wonderful job NoVa peeps. Seriously.

Also got to see a late bat heading home in the morning drizzle. Which was awesome. I never get to see bats flying.

Sittings at that weird point where I know more what I don’t want from life than what I do. It’s time to take the time to figure out what I actually want from life instead. There have been some wonderful things that have come into my life: my D&D group, my apprentice, my books. But I have also been stressed to Hel and back at work. I don’t enjoy my nine to five. ( Anyone who has known me for a while has probably figured that out. ) I just happen to be really good at what I do on the day to day.

So, I think maybe this is one of those spaces where I will try to define more of what I want to do than what I just do to fill time and sustain my life.

First step: I have to say that not committing myself to anything special with my blogging, but rather just- making sure I blog something everyday is a good step. Not committing to long form journalism or special features has made it a lot easier to make blogging part of my daily life. It’s like writing a letter to the world and I have always loved writing letters.

EBay sales: Steiff Bear, doll sized tea pot

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Thursday Sept 12

Saw a groundhog on the way in to work this morning eating a buttercup. He was round and furry and looked perfectly content to be where he was. He sauntered toward the woods, not running but he definitely did not want to just be there near two big old humans staring at him.

The rest of the day was fairly standard. Meetings and emails and hallway meetings and MS Office products destroying my soul.

Sold a fairy doll, some earrings, and some Kenner slides from 1971.

I plan on doing listings tonight, but who know how long I will manage to work on it. I also need to do some writing to support the project I am doing for The Golden Fleece Press Patreon. Join me on the adventure

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That’s about it.

Missed out on the hump day donuts. That was annoying.

But in general it was just a day.

EBay: sold a pastry mat

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Better memory today

Though nothing much to report.

I have agreed to a project which will result in 12 short stories from me to readers next year. Details to follow.

Listed 6 items on eBay tonight. Trying to catch up for not listing anything yesterday. There’s a 1000 item goal at stake. Which, if I do 5-7 listings a night I should hit. As long as I also send my partner in crime photos and descriptions so she can help.

Sold a Trump Taj Mahal pen set and some vintage ViewMaster reels tonight.

Every little bit helps right?

I am off to try to actually get something written. Well, besides emails and blog posts written.

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By the skin of my teeth

I just remembered that I haven’t posted anything today.

Let’s do an eBay sales round up for the weekend:

1 book

1 creepy metal doll head

1 set of plush dolls

4 copper bracelets

1 Quantum Leap BluRays

So, that’s a pretty good pace. Not the fastest though. Last month was insane. I am deeper into the death pile now, so we are making some progress. It’s like emptying the Titanic with a teacup, but it is still progress. I am proud of me for not calling in sick and going to an auction last week. Baby steps.

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Totally forgot to write something last night.

Visited a wonderful natural cemetery in Virginia. There is a beautiful scatter garden for those who have been cremated and adding local wildflower seeds is encouraged.

I plan to be buried there. It’s beautiful and will only get more so as it grows up.

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I once wrote a story on an airplane barf bag.

I need to rediscover that joy and creative pressure again.

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And recovery…

When the orgy of creation is complete, there is a day of recovery needed. I have so many things which I did not do while I was immersed in writing that I have to catch up on. Submissions, edit reviews, eBay sales, chores.

So that’s what today has been. A day of work topped off by more work.

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Day three

I have officially started the sequel to the novel whose edits I finished Saturday. I started a new novella possible book yesterday night but the characters and situation need more time to perk before I go any further. Still I have 5 pages into that one and five characters intros and the main thrust of the story is started.

As of 1428 on Monday I have 503 words into the new book. Let’s see how much father I can get by bedtime. Or well, I can’t take it anymore and I have work tomorrow time.

I bid on several things in an auction. For Christmas presents and or resale depending. I love online shopping.

I also was reminded that when I let my hair just air dry I end up with surfer girl hair. I so rarely let my hair dry without it being in a bun that I forgot that it was naturally wavy. Lol. Ah the curse of the female in our society. We always want the hair we don’t have — like flat hair or curly hair. People pay money to get these sorts of waves.

End of day update. Novel is at

3k words and just starting chapter three.

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