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AiW: The Entire Text of Alice in Wonderland as tattoos

Okay, cousins, here’s the thing, I would totally risk the allergy potential of tattoo ink for a project like this. (Lost At E Minor)

Alice isn’t the only work they’re doing, but it is the only one I’d willing donate a body part to be part of. (Well, depending on how the scratch test comes back. If my throat closed because of the ink, I consider that a bit of a … complication, shall we say?)

Wait? What’s this? They’re temporary? Way to leave that out reporters. Hit the Kickstarter

Happy dance. Time to volunteer as tribute.

Look at this wonderful layout and check out the Sherlock and other groups they’re working on.

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AinW: Alice in Wonderland Pillow

I’m a huge Alice fan. I am not kidding about that. In fact, I’ve been working off and on on a collectables book.

I’ll be featuring Alice related items here. Like this pillow available on ThinkGeek for $24.99. Yes, I’ve ordered it. I couldn’t help myself.

Alice Pillow

The Alice pillow is the rectangular one. It’s permanently open and it actually features the Cheshire Cat. (Good ole Tenniel illustrations.) It’s yellow. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but I think it’s cool to see Alice popping up again. For awhile it was almost impossible to find Alice collectables. (Even in Disney World.)

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