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AiW: The Entire Text of Alice in Wonderland as tattoos

Okay, cousins, here’s the thing, I would totally risk the allergy potential of tattoo ink for a project like this. (Lost At E Minor)

Alice isn’t the only work they’re doing, but it is the only one I’d willing donate a body part to be part of. (Well, depending on how the scratch test comes back. If my throat closed because of the ink, I consider that a bit of a … complication, shall we say?)

Wait? What’s this? They’re temporary? Way to leave that out reporters. Hit the Kickstarter

Happy dance. Time to volunteer as tribute.

Look at this wonderful layout and check out the Sherlock and other groups they’re working on.

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Efficacy, Insanity, and Neverending News Loops

I’ve been dreadfully productive in the past few weeks. I’ve gotten more blog posts written (everywhere but here) and gotten two businesses building blog and twitter traffic.

And yet, it feels as though nothing has changed. I still spend the majority of my life on the net at night, scrolling through emails, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s just, now it’s not for fun. (That’s a bit of a lie. I still enjoy it.)

Rolling hundreds of cookies for one business, debating Kickstarter rewards for another, and making arrangements for a large charity event in September – it’s been a busy week. I haven’t gotten a lick of writing done that wasn’t business focussed, and since this is Camp Nano, that is a bit of an issue. I had been planning to get half of a rough draft churned out.

Insanity, they tell me, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Well, I’ve certainly not been doing that. Personally, I think insanity is when you think that you can burn the candle at both ends and the middle and not change your everyday habits.

It takes about a month to change habits. That’s what experts say. I think it depends on the habit. I think when you actually care about something, you find a way to change it. I have never cared about losing weight – therefore, I’ve never achieved it. I do care about keeping my business moving foward, so I have already integrated checking two new emails into my routine and set up blog posts for two businesses.

I wish I could say that I was magnificantly rich because of the work I do, but that is a lie. I am comfortable because I have a day job, and am ruthless about certain expenses. If I weren’t, I wouldn’t have started either of the busniesses. That doesn’t mean I don’t long to leave the day job and spend my time doing things that I prefer doing – writing, reading, making art, making money.

Not listening to the endless loop of CNN that’s drones on in the office.

If my sanity is suffering this week, it’s not from writing, or business, or research, it’s from listening to the endless loop of vultures discussing the memorial speech from the teenager who survived losing her entire family; immigration debates; racism debates; children trapped in hot cars; bad customer service; and whether or not Hillary Clinton is running for president.

That is what makes me insane. Being force-fed inane drivel. And being kept from pursuing the things I’d much rather do with my time.

What drives you round the bend?
What is the one thing you’d love to spend your days doing?

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Website design, coding, and tedium

I made my first website in the bad old days of Geocities.

Do you remember Geocities?


*shakes fist* You kids, get off of my lawn.

Construction Below

Thing is, back in the days of Geocities, Tripod, Angelfire, and the like; before Google; when people still used Alta Vista; you could have just a little static page. It didn’t have to be fancy. In fact, text was preferred because we were also on dial up.

The first business page I ever designed was for my father’s business. It didn’t have a shopping cart. It had a teal background. Pictures of products and an email and phone number. These days, that wouldn’t fly.

These days there are heightened security issues. You have to have an integrated shopping cart of some sort.

And heaven help you if you don’t have something trimmed in and neat to the center of the page because your mobile customers won’t be able to read it. And if you want them to read it in Firefox, then it has to use html5. Keeping track of it all is like learning a fourth language. Or viewing Sandskrit though a dirty window and trying to translate it.

What does all this whining mean?

Well, nothing, really. It’s just that I’ve been devoting half an hour a night (or more) to fixing up the website on my 10 year old business. I don’t want it to get lost in the shuffle as I get more to do with the baby-business.

Baby businesses, like all businesses need a lot of tender care and attention.

Older businesses can sometimes run themselves for a few days. But I have goals and plans for both of them. And that means some fierce scheduling and not actually putting off doing the dull parts of the job.

That means today, I created shopping cart buttons for products on the bakery site. (Have I ever mentioned that site? Http:// if you’re interested.)

And last week and I fought with the secure socket layers to make sure we’re compliant with the new rules and won’t be open to difficulties from Heartbleed. (I watch the security news like a hawk. I shouldn’t need to. I bake cookies, for stapler’s sake.)

And tomorrow, I’ll be taking pictures and figuring out how to integrate the blog into the site proper. And this weekend I’ve got an overnight 48 hour confab with my bakery business partner. We’re going to lay out the path to getting a brick and mortar store.

Huh… wonder if I should make a schedule for posting onto that blog too.

Anyway, I don’t miss the blinking icons of Geocities. I sort of love the way the site is starting to look.

But I will never, never, love the tedious job of actually setting up each individual product button.

Or, you know, being able to take down my under construction gif.


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