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Day three of GalaxyCon

I am surrounded by artists. Their work is excellent but most of it slants toward anime which is not really my thing. Surprisingly, actually, because as a kid we watched a bunch of anime in Japanese because I was in Hawaii as a toddler.

This place wants to steal all of the money in my wallet. Gorgeous art, pins, jewelry, and stuffed animals which want to go home with me. I have successfully resisted the original oils and the framed macabre watercolor in the vintage frame. That does not mean that I resisted the sea turtle general or the nineteen fifties style Wonder Woman prints.

Or the clothes.

Or the books.

In all it’s a good shopping con with a lot of celebs. But I am not sure if it’s actually the right market for books. A lot of the book folks have other things like pins to help their bottom line. I am holding out hope for the end of the day because books are heavy and people want to not carry them around.

In other news, we were at the Secret Sandwich Society for dinner last night. (Yes tasty. Yes just as hipster as you think it is.) As we were finishing our dessert a bunch of people started pelting down the street and scattering like a startled flock of birds.

The waiter asked if we were done without check as the seven police vehicles arrived and set up a cordon. So, sure we paid, but we stayed until we were sure 1) we wouldn’t get shot and 2) we could actually walk in the direction of our hotel. Yeah, that was fun. Awesome story. And story fodder. Police bottler says it was random gunfire. No injuries reported.

Positive news on that front.

That seems a good place to end it. Positive news no one was injured and we have a great story to tell.

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Book Release Official Today!

My newest book officially released at GalaxyCon. It’s called To Market and it’s about dragons, fairies, bartenders, and the challenges of motherhood and building families.

And lots of blue glitter, hellhounds, and Faemly Court.

From the back:

Bartender Bianka Freeman meets all kinds across the sticky bar at Murray’s. Usually they’re cagey drunks with more money than sense and bad taste in liquor. Sometimes they’re red wine drinkers with blue hair and fancy blue lipstick. Periwinkle Jones May drink her weight in box-wine, but she tips well and when Bianka’s daughter ends up at the doctor -again- Peri thinks they can help each other. If Bianka accompanies her to The Market while she sues for custody of her child, she’ll pay handsomely.

While money is helpful with a chronically ill child, the offer of a market where anything can be found and everything is for sale is the real lure. If Bianka can find a specialist who can cure her daughter? Well, she’ll put up with fairies, giant bakers, and hellhounds. She’d do anything for Serenity.

Available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and available to order through your local bookstore. Or if you’re here at GalaxyCon come by booth L13 and get a signed copies.

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At Galaxycon in Richmond

The Exhibit Hall opened about an hour ago and people are starting to trickle through. I am at the con as part of Golden Fleece Press’ booth, (L13) but still waiting for the first sale.

Most people haven’t made it back to the area of Artists Alley that we’re set up at yet. It’s not huge like AwesomeCon, but it is sizable and has a huge number of guests.

Heck, KITT is here and I am considering paying for the photo because, dude, it’s KITT.

GalaxyCon Richmond runs through Sunday. Richmond Convention Center. Hope to see you here!

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Books to Read February 2020

The Crescent Stone – Matt Mikalatos

The Heartwood Crown – Matt Mikalatos

The Soul of Power – Callie Bates

The Library of the Unwritten – AJ Hackwith

I Contain Multitudes – Ed Young

Fooled by Randomness – Nassim Taleb

One Nation Under God – Richard Abanes

The War of Art – Steven Pressfield

Going Through the Change – Samantha Bryant

Change of Life – Samantha Bryant

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November 18, 2019

Wow. It is so easy to get out of a habit isn’t it?

Well, we’re trying again. Let’s see if I can actually make it for an entire month. 🙂

Nano: 4196

eBay sales: 2 Executive Protection Handbooks, Jewelry Lot, Mixing bowls, Wine stopper


  1. That a friend I only get to see once a year came to visit tonight
  2. My co-worker who is insanely productive today
  3. Received a book as a present today 🙂

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November 7, 2019

Today is rather a non-entity. There was work, and coming home, and dinner, and YouTube videos, but nothing spectacular. It’s just a day. I have had no deep thoughts and no spectacular insights. Though I did hear a cool story about a St. Louis housewife who channelled a truly wicked amount of novels, poetry, etc.

I need to do the back cover copy for a book and actually finish my nano words for the day, but I am feeling stunningly unmotivated. Still, I want to have the number be at least over 3K by the time I post tomorrow.

Nano Word Count: 2742

eBay Sales: Funko Pop


  1. I was *not* on a teleconference today – at all
  2. The rain was gentle today
  3. I have no shame in going to bed before 10PM

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November 6, 2019

Today was a second day filled with a 6 hour telecon. Anyone who has spent any time on a teleconference knows they aren’t fun. When they are actually 6 hours long… I am pretty sure my brain tried to escape through my ears and my soul was leaking from my eyes. Still, I have survived and paid enough attention that I was able to take down my actions from the meeting. And I had a wonderful coworker who was willing to bring me food from the cafe while I was trapped in meeting Hell.

It’s Nano, but I haven’t really gotten into it yet. Though I actually started this year. That is a step in the right direction. And if I push through tonight, I will actually be able to catch up.

Nano Word Count: 1740 (hopefully, that will change by the end of the night)

Ebay Sales: 2 Penny dolls, an air filter, 1 book, and a thermometer


  1. The teleconference from Hell is finally done
  2. Finally got approval for a thing I wanted to do at work
  3. My new VA is awesome

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November 4, 2019

Monday once again. Off I go to work, dear cousins.

I am hoping that I don’t have any meetings until after ten, but that’s probably not going to happen.

Nano words: 1701

EBay: pattern, book, earrings

Next Door: 8 butterfly glasses


1) That I am still mobile for all that my knees and hips complain

2) That my CT calmed down so that I can use my thumb again

3) That mobile games exist and are short enough that I can play a little bit before work or while waiting in line

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Happy NaNoWriMo to my fellow insane writers!

You can friend me as eoen on the site 🙂 !



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Happy Halloween Folks!

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October 31, 2019 · 11:56 pm