To Market

Every fairy tale has consequences.

Bartender Bianka Freeman meets all kinds across the sticky bar at Murray’s. Usually they’re cagey drunks with more money than sense and bad taste in liquor. Sometimes they’re red wine drinkers with blue hair and fancy blue lipstick. Periwinkle Jones may drink her weight in box-wine, but she tips well and when Bianka’s daughter winds up at the doctor—again—Peri thinks they can help each other. If Bianka accompanies her to The Market while she sues for custody of her child, she’ll pay handsomely.

While the money is helpful with a chronically ill child, the offer of a market where anything can be found and everything is for sale is the real lure. If Bianka can find a specialist who can cure her daughter? Well, she’ll put up with dragons, fairies, giant bakers, and hellhounds. She’d do anything for Serenity.

Every magical cure requires a sacrifice.

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S and S coverSugar and Spice – Released May 19th, 2015 from Golden Fleece Press (available on Golden Fleece Press, – if you want an autograph add a comment to your GFP order – Amazon, Kobo, nook, and more. You can even order it at an Espresso Book location.
Caught in a smog-storm, with a dead crew member, a disabled navigation system, and an estate full of guests.

The Long Estate usually spends the season floating off the edge of The London, the Sugars and the Crusts frittering their days away in an endless string of parties and diversions while Blagger, Spinner, and the rest of the crew make sure everything runs smoothly.

But now The London says they’re off course, and they have to be cut loose. If they can’t fix the navigation they’ll slam into one of the other estates. Or The London. Or the ground.

Blagger and Spinner have only hours to find their missing equipment, solve a murder, and still keep the guests from realizing there’s a problem. They can probably manage it. As long as nothing else goes wrong.

Cherry Blossom ExpressCherry Blossom Express – Released November 15, 2014 from Golden Fleece Press (available on Golden Fleece Press (if you want an autograph add a comment to your GFP order), Amazon, Kobo, nook, and more. You can even order it at an Espresso Book location.

Trapped on the Cherry Blossom Express; speeding toward Boston, Iko Maynard’s life has taken a turn for the weird.
The train is missing stops. The passengers around her are disappearing. 
The crew is polite but unhelpful.
Iko can only rely on herself and the other handful of passengers who are still awake.
But there’s only one way to survive this trip.
Can Iko make the ultimate leap of faith?

Short Stories

“The Dog Prince” available on Aurora Wolf.


“Craftus Interuptus” in Fandom Universe: A Galaxy Far Far Away Available from Golden Fleece Press / Amazon/ The usual suspects


Published in defunct e-journal: October Moon

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