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The Great Ebay Experiment 8-7-16

Seven months in and still drowning in stuff!

We’ll start with what’s sold:

  • Vintage Scootles Doll


A bit of slow month. Only sold one doll. That might have something to do with my not listing enough. As in, not listing anything this month. Time to get down to work.

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The Great Ebay Experiment 6-3-16

Five months in and still drowning in stuff!

We’ll start with what’s sold:

  • Marvel Ice Tray
  • Hexbug
  • Game of Thrones Magnets
  • Pr. of Baker’s shoes
  • Butterick Pattern


Marvel Ice Tray — This was a Lootcrate piece.

Hexbug — Also a Lootcrate piece, but the purchaser got it to torment their cat.

GoT Magnets — You guessed it. Lootcrate.

Pair of Baker’s Shoes — These were high heeled ankle boots that my mother loved, but can’t wear. I sold them for her.

Butterick Pattern — Plus sized formal dress pattern. Mom and I bought it, but never used it and we’ve decided it’s not our style, so onto the sale pile!

Until next month! Happy selling and buying!

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Ebay Update 02-03-16


Wow, so, it’s been two months since I started this adventure.

We’ll start with what’s sold:

  • Lootcrate Tee-shirt
  • Precious Moments Boy with Manger
  • Vintage GI Joe accessories
  • Vintage Pebbles Doll
  • Vintage Military Action Figure
  • Precious Moments Blessed are the Peacemakers
  • Battlestar Galactica Range Sheets

Not bad, all in all. My friend who’s in on this little adventure has been helping me create listings. She listed a whole bunch of things for me. I went on a photo and descriptions binge to fill up our shared spreadsheet. I think the system’s starting to work. We’re still working out the kinks, but it’s working.

One of the above was sent to Greece. Seriously, set the shipping to calculated and sell world-wide. All you need to do is fill out a customs form which isn’t hard at all. The buyer was happy and I was happy too.

The Vintage Military Action Figure wasn’t actually a GI Joe. *sighs* I thought it might be, but a recognized expert (I recognized the email) dropped by to let me know that it wasn’t a GI Joe, so I dropped the price and it sold quickly. There’s always that little suspicion that you’ve been ripped on something like that, but I’d rather take that chance than to have a pissed off customer.

The Precious Moments are being sold for a friend and the supply is dwindling, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough stuff for the store. DAMN but there’s a lot of stuff left to sell. I’m clearing out a bunch of Lootcrate stuff right now because it’s stuff I didn’t really care about. And it lets me keep the pieces I want to keep.

The shop will be on vacation mode for a week while I’m unavailable this month, so we’ll see if it affects sales too much when we open it up again.

Until next month! Happy selling and buying!

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Ebay Update 11-10-15

So, getting our first return since we started this adventure. I’m not enough of an expert in Precious Moments, and there’s a mark that’s not supposed to be on the ornament. I’ll take a couple new pictures and rewrite the listing and start over. Not a huge deal, but I’m paying for the return shipping too. (That bit does suck.) I do hope it still goes for a reasonable amount.

2 Precious Moments and 1 Tee-shirt sold so far this month. Always an exciting time.

I’ve got a box of dolls to go through, photograph, and describe. There’s also research to do. Still, some things are selling. I think everything that’s got pictures has already been listed. Time for a picture binge, I think. (Need to do pictures for the bakery’s shopping cart anyway.

I’m linking eBay to Bonanza as well. I’ll need to be vigilant about cancelling eBay listings if something sells on Bonanza, but hey, if I start selling a few things through that, that would be cool too.

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