The Great Ebay Experiment 6-3-16

Five months in and still drowning in stuff!

We’ll start with what’s sold:

  • Marvel Ice Tray
  • Hexbug
  • Game of Thrones Magnets
  • Pr. of Baker’s shoes
  • Butterick Pattern


Marvel Ice Tray — This was a Lootcrate piece.

Hexbug — Also a Lootcrate piece, but the purchaser got it to torment their cat.

GoT Magnets — You guessed it. Lootcrate.

Pair of Baker’s Shoes — These were high heeled ankle boots that my mother loved, but can’t wear. I sold them for her.

Butterick Pattern — Plus sized formal dress pattern. Mom and I bought it, but never used it and we’ve decided it’s not our style, so onto the sale pile!

Until next month! Happy selling and buying!

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