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Ebay Experiment Update 04-03-16

Four months in and still drowning in stuff!

We’ll start with what’s sold:

  • Lootcrate Hydra Pin
  • Precious Moments Angel Ornament
  • Batman Multitool
  • Lootcrate Terminator skull and chip
  • Precious Moments Oh, How I Love Jesus
  • Precious Moments Mouse with Cheese Ornament
  • 1 Cookbook on

Hydra pin – Took an offer on this one, but it was close to asking, so I’m fine with that. (Or I wouldn’t have taken it!) I like seeing things run out the door, but I won’t take offers that are below value. It’s just silly!

PM Ornament – Second time around for this one. This was returned once. Hopefully, this customer read *all* of the description and will be happy with him. (These are being sold for a friend.)

Batman Multitool – Another Lootcrate piece off to a happy home. Not a high-value item, but every little bit helps.

Lootcrate Terminator skull and chip – This sold on Bonanza, which is cool. It’s only the second item I’ve sold through that site.

PM Figurine – I am conflicted about this one. It could be just considered cute, or it could be considered seriously racially offensive. It’s a little kid dressed up as a Native American. Therefore, the title makes me twitch. But I will let actual tribe-members make the call as to whether it’s offensive or not.

PM Mouse – I am sort of sad to see this one go. I *love* rats and mice and I was considering keeping this one. He’s adorable, but he’s heading to a good home.

Sold a vintage kid’s cookbook on

One refund for an item not received. The tracking says it was delivered to a package locker, but the buyer states that they don’t have one. I have to believe the buyer, so I sent the refund. Still sucks.

Until next month! Happy selling and buying!

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April 2016 Goals Update Post

Tried to be more consistent with everything this month. Started a  new job in the middle of the month. 

  • Complete Short Stories:
    • TTOBT
    • WOW
    • CN
    • ZJ
    • GG
  • Complete Novels:
    • K&N <– Finished 1 chapter. Maybe a third of the way through the book? 
    • TBM
    • TCC
    • ADM
    • PR
  • Sell 60 items this year (5/month) <– Upped the goal on this one. Sold 2 books, 1 CD, 1 Joker Figure, 1 Hydra Pin, PM Figure, Batman Multitool, Terminator pieces, PM Figurine, PM Ornament. Total count = 20
  • Post 12 Pc of Artwork on Etsy
  • Finish stuffed cupcake <– More than a quarter of the base now finished
  • Finish bluework Enterprise G FINISHED
  • Blog 2X a week on Bittersuites <– LOL AMBITION!!!!
  • Write 12 flash stories on Wedschild’s Wanderings
  • Podcast flash stories
  • Create audiobook for CBE
  • Edit B.P. art book <– Half-way through.
  • Edit C.J. short story
  • Update Patreon
  • Create IGB Videos
  • Quarterly newsletters for IGB&GFP  <– Hired a VA – to be known here as C – she’s making templates for me.
  • Exercise 3X a week : T, TH, S

Pie in the Sky Goals

  • Start a hyper-local paper for BG. — Go door to door gathering info 
  • Develop an AI assistant
  • Start a gentlewoman’s club — like an old-fashioned men’s club. A dining room, a bar, reading/lounge rooms, library, gaming room, media room, rentable area for weddings and like, rooms that members can sleep in for the night. Yearly membership, plus food and such. 

Actual Bucket Goals

  • Adapt forensic sniffer as a blood sugar detector
  • Sail on a clipper ship
  • Visit Paris (Esp. Disney Paris)
  • Visit London and take the Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper tours
  • Go back to Germany and visit all the places I missed and what was East Germany

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