Ebay Experiment Update 04-03-16

Four months in and still drowning in stuff!

We’ll start with what’s sold:

  • Lootcrate Hydra Pin
  • Precious Moments Angel Ornament
  • Batman Multitool
  • Lootcrate Terminator skull and chip
  • Precious Moments Oh, How I Love Jesus
  • Precious Moments Mouse with Cheese Ornament
  • 1 Cookbook on half.com

Hydra pin – Took an offer on this one, but it was close to asking, so I’m fine with that. (Or I wouldn’t have taken it!) I like seeing things run out the door, but I won’t take offers that are below value. It’s just silly!

PM Ornament – Second time around for this one. This was returned once. Hopefully, this customer read *all* of the description and will be happy with him. (These are being sold for a friend.)

Batman Multitool – Another Lootcrate piece off to a happy home. Not a high-value item, but every little bit helps.

Lootcrate Terminator skull and chip – This sold on Bonanza, which is cool. It’s only the second item I’ve sold through that site.

PM Figurine – I am conflicted about this one. It could be just considered cute, or it could be considered seriously racially offensive. It’s a little kid dressed up as a Native American. Therefore, the title makes me twitch. But I will let actual tribe-members make the call as to whether it’s offensive or not.

PM Mouse – I am sort of sad to see this one go. I *love* rats and mice and I was considering keeping this one. He’s adorable, but he’s heading to a good home.

Sold a vintage kid’s cookbook on half.com.

One refund for an item not received. The tracking says it was delivered to a package locker, but the buyer states that they don’t have one. I have to believe the buyer, so I sent the refund. Still sucks.

Until next month! Happy selling and buying!

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