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Look I Finished Something! Scarf for a Co-Worker

Aqua Scarf


Yup, just look at that beauty! I actually finished a complete scarf. A very simple scarf, but it took a full skein. And it took a bit of time. Still, it came out really well. And I like the look of it. It worked up nice and soft too!

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Look I finished something! Narnia Bookmark

Okay, so it’s not a stuffed cupcake, but I have actually finished a project.

And since I need 1) topics for blogging about to reach my 2 posts a week goal and  2) pictures, this seems a perfect fit! Maybe you’ll get more than two posts a week…

So, here is my Narnia bookmark. I glomped together a few bits from different patterns and then added the scarf at the bottom. I’m ridiculously pleased at this one. (Though, to be honest, a friend did the backing on it.)


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