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Books to Read – May 2023

On a Farther Shore – William Souder

Decline of the English Murder – George Orwell

Escape From Yokai Land – Charles Stross

Last Exit – Max Gladstone

One Man – Harry Connolly

The Fervor – Alma Katsu

Worn Out – Alyssa Hardy

The Lamb will Slaughter the Lion – Margaret Killjoy

Seven Dead Sisters – Jen Williams

Little Thieves – Margaret Owen

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Books to Read – April 2023

The House of Life – Paul Brooks

The Anti-Social Network – Ben Mezrick

The Right to Repair – Aaron Perzanowski

Why I Write – George Orwell

Book of Night – Holly Black

Miss Benson’s Beetle – Rachel Joyce

The Misfit Soldier – Michael Mammay

Scorpica – G. R. Macallister

The Second Shooter – Nick Mamatos

Comfort Me with Apples – Catherynne M. Valente

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