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From here until December

So, I’ve started this blog three times now.

I’m trying to figure out why I haven’t made this more of a priority.

So, I’ve been looking at the psychology of self-doubt and authenticity and mastery. I’m not going to delve into all of the invisible scripts and things that are in my head.

You’ll want to check out this post¬†from Ramit Sethi at I Will Teach You To Be Rich. (Not actually a scam. I’ve used his book and love it.)

The things that are actually holding me back is this stupid indecision of how I’m going to approach my career as a writer and what I’m going to write. I am going to be a hybrid writer. I’m going to author-publish some items and pursue traditional publishing as well. Can’t hurt right?

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway was very helpful to me. I recommend it greatly.

The goal I’m putting on this blog – I will have four posts a month. Large, small, whatever. At least four a month. Maybe it’ll be a video post. Maybe it’ll be links to something I’ve found interesting.

Or maybe it’ll be something that grabbed my attention and could easily be twisted into one or more stories. So, expect to see some interesting tidbits about the period after the first World War up to the Depression. And a few tech specs that are easy to twist into conspiracies or crimes.

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Cassandra Clare, October is anti-Bullying month: on hiatuses and hate blogs

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via Cassandra Clare, October is anti-Bullying month: on hiatuses and hate blogs.

Okay, so here’s the thing, I’m luckily not yet famous enough for there to be hate blogs about me. (My alter egos/pen names? Who knows, probably.)

The thing is, I was bullied in middle school. I was bullied in college. And I did *not* handle it with saintly serenity. I didn’t fight back, but I did end up needing counseling for depression.

I faced religious ignorance when I was in college, and I still feel the hurt and rage associated with that.

Hell, I’ve even been flamed by one person who decided that after reading one story, it would be proper to send flames of *all* of them because that person didn’t believe I was right in how I handled a character.


I am not going to share specifics, because at this point I don’t think I’d be able to say something without violent cursing and more stress than I need or want.

October is anti-bullying month and I want to throw my hands way up and say: Bullying is wrong, hurtful, and has long-lasting effects. The internet has made it easier, but we can stop it.

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