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Books to Read April 2020

Evicted – Matthew Desmond

A Queen in Hiding – Sarah Kozloff

Daughter from the Dark – Marina & Sergey Dyachenko

The End of the Ocean – Maja Lunde

The Will and the Wilds – Charlie N. Holmberg

The Deep & Dark Blue – Niki Smith

Otherlife – Jason Segel & Kirsten Miller

A Blight of Blackwings – Kevin Hearne

Devolution – Max Brooks

Creatures of Charm and Hunger – Molly Tanzer

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Read in January 2020


Silence: the power of quiet on a world of noise – Thich Nhat Hahn (audiobook)

Cheap: the high cost of discount culture – Ellen Ruppel Shell (audiobook)


The Monster of Elendhaven – Jennifer Giesbrecht

Minecraft: The Island – Max Brooks

Long-Form Journalism

Climbing with Mollie (audiobook) – William Finnegan

How Chefs Holiday (audiobook) – Dana Corwin

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