Ebay Update 11-10-15

So, getting our first return since we started this adventure. I’m not enough of an expert in Precious Moments, and there’s a mark that’s not supposed to be on the ornament. I’ll take a couple new pictures and rewrite the listing and start over. Not a huge deal, but I’m paying for the return shipping too. (That bit does suck.) I do hope it still goes for a reasonable amount.

2 Precious Moments and 1 Tee-shirt sold so far this month. Always an exciting time.

I’ve got a box of dolls to go through, photograph, and describe. There’s also research to do. Still, some things are selling. I think everything that’s got pictures has already been listed. Time for a picture binge, I think. (Need to do pictures for the bakery’s shopping cart anyway.

I’m linking eBay to Bonanza as well. I’ll need to be vigilant about cancelling eBay listings if something sells on Bonanza, but hey, if I start selling a few things through that, that would be cool too.

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