Sept 27 2019

Almost slipped off to bed without writing anything today. But I thought, at the last minute, that despite the headache I’m trying to kill, I really need to not break my streak. I can’t make it a habit if I let myself slack off.

I’ve come to realize that I am an all or nothing sort of girl. I have to either drink soda or not drink soda. I don’t do “sometimes” well. So, the same thing applies to blogging. I either have to do it every day, or just pretend that all I want to do is put out Sunday Night music posts and the occasional read books post. I don’t want to do that. I want to have an actual blog, where I can talk about actual things.

Not politics though. Because right now? Politics makes me want to thump a stuffed animal against the wall until it explodes. So, until I manage to not have rage issues when I think about politics, I will stay mum on the topic.

So, having actually written an entry, I’m off to journal away some creative blocks, if possible. Talk to you tomorrow. Hopefully. 🙂 It’s D&D day tomorrow and I cannot wait.

Writing today: 0 words

eBay sales: 2 Disney dwarf figures.

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