Sept 24 2019

Oops. I missed one.

It was a pretty bland day yesterday.

So, I normally hold all of my stress in my body. Right now my shoulders and neck are so tense that they are just aching and have been for so long that it feels as if that is their natural state. But I know that is not true. I know that it is possible to not have this sort of pain and I need to eliminate the stressors which are leading to this state. I can identify several of those. The largest of those is that my day to day job does not allow me to properly use my creativity or tell the stories that I feel the need to let out. I cannot talk about the things I love or that interest me because they are alien to the place where I am spending most of my day.

My next question to myself is obviously, how do I change that?

EBay update: 1 watch, 1 pattern, 1 kitchen piece, 1 magazine.

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