Sunday Night Music: Something Happening Here

So, it’s my feeling that protest songs from the 60s shouldn’t actually still be relevant, and YET…..


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August 6, 2017 · 1:49 am

July Goals Post


Oops… I think I missed a couple of months. Let’s see if anything else got done.

    • Complete Short Stories:
      • TTOBT
      • WOW
      • CN
      • ZJ
      • GG — updated this one
    • Complete Novels:
      • K&NI have done a few chapters on this
      • TBM
      • TCC
      • ADM
      • PR
      • TAG
    • Sell 72 items this year (6/month): 1 set of napkin rings, 1 pattern, 1 hexbug (Total count: 12)
    • Post 12 Pc of Artwork on Etsy <– not yet
    • Finish stuffed cupcake <– I have no idea where this project is right now. 
    • Blog daily on Bittersuites <– *snickers* This goal is getting more ridiculous every time I look at it. But I did manage to post more and comment more this month than the last six. 
    • Write 12 flash stories on Wedschild’s Wanderings <–At this point, I’ll settle for one.
  • Podcast flash stories <– I put this on here as a goal? What was I smoking?
  • Create audiobook for CBE
  • Let go of 1000 things: 450 (From a yard sale that didn’t actually happen, I’ve divested a *lot*)
  • Get conversion therapy banned in my county and state. 
  • Edit C.J. short story <– Still a horrible friend who hasn’t done this.
  • Stop drinking soda FAIl. Utter FAIL. I will try starting this again.
  • NEW GOAL: Exercise 5X a week  — Actually joined a gym. Started going 3X a week to start. (Current avg 1.4)
  • Update Patreon – Um, I am not a patron for five people. Shall we count that?
  • Create IGB Videos
  • Quarterly newsletters for IGB&GFP 
  • Finish 4 crafts:

Pie in the Sky Goals

  • Start a hyper-local paper for BG. — Go door to door gathering info 
  • Develop an AI assistant
  • Start a gentlewoman’s club — like an old-fashioned men’s club. A dining room, a bar, reading/lounge rooms, library, gaming room, media room, rentable area for weddings and like, rooms that members can sleep in for the night. Yearly membership, plus food and such. <– so, um, yeah, have the LLC registered.

Actual Bucket Goals

  • Adapt forensic sniffer as a blood sugar detector
  • Sail on a clipper ship
  • Visit Paris (Esp. Disney Paris)
  • Visit London and take the Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper tours
  • Go back to Germany and visit all the places I missed and what was East Germany
  • Develop a method for cleaning up space junk. Possibly using electromagnets. 


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Sunday Night Music: Make Them Hear You

A song everyone needs to listen to. I mean LISTEN.

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The Sound of gym rats gnawing

In the interests of actually attempting to reach my goal of posting something every day this month, I joined a gym.

This is a huge deal for me. The last time I regularly went to a gym, there was one at work and I was still in college. No, that’s a lie. I went to Curves for like three weeks before I couldn’t take it anymore. That was after I was diagnosed with asthma so less than sixteen years ago. The wierdest pet is that I can better tell you which purse I was carrying at the time than I can tell you about the location of the gym.

This gym is just around they corner and has good hours. I am going tomorrow for my first workout there.

I am…. nervous? Expectant? Worried?  I don’t even know. But they have my fingerprints now, they can track me down….

I guess I have to go. Also, I just had the best idea for a story…

sleep well all

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The BIC Problem

Nope, that isn’t misspelled.

I have a problem with BIC. Butt in Chair. I have a big problem putting my butt in the chair to do the work.

It’s as though I reached my big goal of being published and that was enough. It’s not that the stories have gone away or anything, it’s just that the internal pressure is gone. I let off the gas and I’ve had a really hard time pushing back down on the accelerator.

It’s gotten so bad that the fanfiction that I used to update regularly — a once a month date that I managed to make for almost five years, just stopped being written too. It was like I couldn’t stand the thought of opening a word processing program or a blog made me just cringe.

Could it have been depression/stress/diabetes/insert reason here? Sure. Thing is, those answers all feel as though I’m lying to myself. Like I’m blaming something outside for something simpler: I achieved a goal and never set a new one.

Sure I’ve had those nifty goal posts going on, but I never really internalized a large over-arching goal.

I’m doing that today instead:

Old Goal: Be a published author. — CHECK

New Goal: Be able to sustain myself on my book sales. — EEEP I’d better get going!

So, see you on the flip side. Maybe I’ll even be blogging more. Who knows?


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Sunday Night Music: Faith & Decision

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July 2, 2017 · 12:28 am

Sunday Night Music: The Hanging Tree

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May 28, 2017 · 3:09 am

In honor of national tap dance day: The Nicholas Brothers in Stormy Weather!

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May 25, 2017 · 12:22 am

Sunday Night Music: Loud Pipes

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May 21, 2017 · 3:06 am

Sunday Night Music: Who Wants To Live Forever ?

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May 14, 2017 · 10:05 am