Malware in Tea Kettles?

This is something most Americans wouldn’t notice. Electric kettles aren’t really, you know, a thing here. But there’s plenty of opportunity for there to be micro-computers in blenders or juicers or coffee-pots. And the idea of this is fascinating.

The Russians are claiming that there are micro-computers hiding inside of electric kettles which leach off of the power supply, find unsecured WiFi, and then become spambots. (The Register) Charlie Stross threw in some good reminders about the availability of the tech. (Trust Me, I’m a Kettle) I suggest following his blog in any case. He’s got some great insights into technological advances.

I was thinking about how this technology could be a positive. You could set up an alternate net for communications and wrap your messages around the powerful government agencies who are trying to destroy your little rebels. Or you could use it to build an inexpensive alternate net for sharing. Or hundreds of little applications that could be hiding everywhere.

It could also be utterly terrifying. The small computers could also be spying on your family, like an old-school bug, but now by connecting to your WiFi and reading your messages. Or, you could create some sort of censoring technology based on this.

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