Bad day for a dunk tank

So, the weather is being particularly bipolar this spring/summer. We hit nineties in the early part of the week and now we’re in the sixties. I pity the poor bastard who agreed to be part of the fundraising dunk-tank today. Silly managers.

Beyond that, it’s just sort of a grey day all around. I have the motivation of a limp noodle and the distinct dislike of the world. A perfect noir type of day. And I’d love to say that I was inspired, but I’m not.

Work is dull and dragging (as all day jobs just to bring in money are.) I can think of half-a-hundred things to do, but just don’t want to.

I can’t tell if this is just me being under-caffeinated, or if I just don’t care. You know what I’d love? Someone to pay an assistant for me. Yeah, that would be the best gift in the world.

I’ll get my mythical patron right on that.

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