Wood-free paper

I am totally all in on this idea. I love my paper books, but I hate the water and environmental costs that go along with the harvesting of wood for paper. Who wants to help change and industry?

the red ant

This will delight the conservationally-minded.  (Conversation/conservation.  Shopfitting, Shoplifting.  Read carefully. 😉 )

If you remember a while back I posted

In this piece I argue that the paper industry is keeping large stretches of land forested, instead of it being rip-mined or simply going to the dogs.

There is of course a very valid criticism of that stance.

Pine and Eucalypt (Bluegum) forests are not necessarily the way to conserve a country’s natural, indigenous flora.  Nothing much grows under pines; the ground is extremely acidified due to the carpet of needles.  Eucalypts have a (for South Africa at least) even bigger problem:  They suck up the ground water.  Eucalypts were used in Windhoek to dry up a small swampy area so that it could be built up (and you ask, why??? oh why?, Namibia is such a dry place!)


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