Signal Boost: Let’s Keep Being Awesome, America!

My friend Tam has an excellent post on the Pine Ridge Shootout. Go read it now.

And I know it’s almost greedy to want anything else from our government, from our justice department this week. I know that in times like these when we FINALLY get things right, we should just say thank you, kind sir, and roll around in our affordable health care and our rainbow flags without the shadow of the Confederate flag in our sunshine backdrop. I get that. The last thing I want to do is put a damper on that.

But, well you see… While celebrating Friday’s Supreme Court ruling and jumping from Facebook to Twitter to see all the love and encouragement–and to laugh at Antonin Scalia (poor thing)–I was also reminded of something else that happened on that day–June 26th–forty years before: The Pine Ridge shootout.

The shoot out between FBI, AIM (American Indian Movement) and GOONS (Guardians of the Oglala Nation) ended with two FBI and one tribe member being killed.

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