Step Back- Step Forward?

I recently realized that I just haven’t been posting on any of my blogs. (Except for well-defined series that I have prepped until some point next year on a different blog. And the one where I’m sharing responsibility for posting. I seem to be able to manage those.)

I decided to step back and figure out why that was and what I could do to fix the issue.

I gave myself hurdles. Serious ones for this blog. I wanted to only post well-researched bits and pieces. Oh, sure, I started the music thing on Sundays. (Which reminds me — I need to prep a few more of those.) I also said that I didn’t want to write about writing.

But I’m a writer. It’s something I enjoy. Why hamstring myself more than necessary?

Deep reason – I don’t want to come off as shallow? No, though it’s true enough in its way. The reason is that I feel terribly exposed because I’ve put my name on the blog for once. I de-anoned all of my blogs. Now, I feel that the people I know will judge me based, not only on the quality of my writing, but the content. I am a very, very private person. The switch to the new, exhibitionist/extroverted world of social media has left me clawing for my shell and trying to hide under my nice, safe rock.

The upshot of all of this blather is: I am committing to posting once a week for the rest of the year. It might be about writing, or music, or politics, so long as its something new.

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