Ebay update 03-03-16

Three months in and still, erm, limping along. I’ve got so many things which need to be listed.

We’ll start with what’s sold:

  • Lootcrate Rick & Morty Puzzle
  • Lootcrate Mad Magazine
  • 2 McDonald’s SW Toys
  • Precious Moments: Praise the Lord Anyway
  • Precious Moments: Praise the Lord Anyway (<– NOT a Typo)
  • Versace Eyeglass Case & cloth
  • 1 CD
  • 1 Book
  • Lootcrate Wooden Joker Figure

Sort of slow, but the store was on vacation for a week and a half while I was on vacation. I blame it on that. Well, that and the fact that I haven’t had much new added to the listings. Time to buckle down a bit more.

The Rick & Morty Puzzle actually sold on Bonanza (which is sort of a mirror of my eBay shop, with minimal fees). I am thrilled as this is my first sale through them.

The Mad Magazine broke even after fees and shipping, which sucks, but at the same time, it’s not here and I didn’t have to pay to send it somewhere or take it to the charity shop, so there’s that.

The McDonald’s Toys were, something random from a co-worker, so I’m happy they’re headed to a more appreciative home.

The Precious Moments. Yes, there were two of the same figure. I am still selling these for a friend. More to prove to myself that I can, than anything else. Next time, I’ll just buy the things outright and move on with my life. Funny story, I told my Dad this was the boy with the ice cream cone. I also told him the title. The title is not on the box. There is no picture on the box. The box says “boy with dog”. On my notes “boy with dog” is “God Speed.” You know, because there are 4 different designs with dogs involved in this adventure.

I used to have Versace frames for my sunglasses. The frames broke. I was sad, but I sold their case, so that’s not a bad thing.

Sold a book on Half.com for my mother. Sold a CD on Half.com for myself.

Until next month! Happy selling and buying!

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