10 Things Bruce Wayne could have done to help Gotham…

… instead of becoming a vigilante with serious problems.

  1. Rebuild the public transport infrastructure his father designed. (Giving people something to look at with pride.)
  2. Make sure that all police officers had bullet-proof vests. (So, you know, they don’t get killed by all the crooks in Gotham.)
  3. Develop self-defense courses for at-risk populations. (Maybe prevent a few crimes. I mean, if Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn can teach girls self-defense to protect them from bullies and rapists, why can’t Batman?)
  4. Ensure appropriate hazardous waste disposal facilities were available. (This might prevent the development of more super-villains.)
  5. Fund a reintegration program for ex-cons. (Reduce the number of henches who can only find jobs as henches.)
  6. Fund an orphan’s home. (Instead of adopting young boys and teaching them to be vigilantes.)
  7. Fund the development of green spaces. (Increase the community spirit of Gotham.)
  8. Fund the development of greener energy. (Reduce the amount of pollution in the city, possibly heading off the more, ahem, violent eco-warriors.)
  9. Develop a reliable internship program for the children of Gotham. (Maybe guide them away from careers in crime and henching.)
  10. Create more businesses to hire more people — maybe some of those ex-cons from #5. (Duh. More business, more prosperity in the city, more opportunities for all people to earn a living. Reduce the number of frustrated people who feed the never-ending hench supply.)

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