A few random, scattered thoughts

There was no rain today, but it was colder in the morning than the weekend led me to expect. My denim jacket is curled up like a cat in my car because it is no longer necessary.

When I walk out of my relatively productive night tonight, I might actually need it again and it will be toasty as though it just came out of the dryer.

My car needs its AC fixed, but I need to make sure I don’t schedule that for this weekend because I’m helping  a friend move. At the same time, though, I need to make sure it’s fixed before the 25th because I’ve a long drive down to Richmond to deal with.

Somehow my life keeps getting busier, even though I seem to actually have more time to do random things like read books.

I’ve forgotten where I used to surf for fun on the net. I remember I used to spend hours just popping from place to place and consuming vast amounts of pictures and data and stories and personal connections. I spent entire days looking at this and that and following web-rings. (remember those?) Now, I could fall into a pinterest hole, or bop around YouTube trying to catch up on my subscriptions. Or I could do something productive and comment on people’s blogs. I could check out my feedly list of articles and write something worthwhile.

Or I can take a moment to close the browser and be productive once more by editing the project I’m supposed to have completed months ago.

Then again, the conversation around me just turned to the idea of a road connecting Russia and Alaska where you could then drive from New York to London. This is both awesome and terrifying as an idea. We’ve decided that our truck would end up looking like something out of Mad Max.

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