The Great Ebay Experiment

Continuing to sell stuff, sort of randomly…

  • Set of 9 yellow metal napkin rings — got these at a yard sale in a big old bag of napkin rings. I’m happy they’re off to a better home.
  • Cabbage Patch Kids Book — Collectors right?
  • Set of ink cartridges that were expired, but new in package
  • The old woman who lived in a shoe vintage toy — got this from an antique dealer years ago for practically nothing, but it was time to rehome it.
  • 1 Dress pattern — multiple dress styles in one pattern. A good value I think.
  • Set of 4 large purple beaded napkin rings — these flowers were the size of my hand, I swear!
  • Rainbow Brite book — viva la 80s!
  • Set of 4 daffodil napkin rings — metal work and quite nice.


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