The Sound of gym rats gnawing

In the interests of actually attempting to reach my goal of posting something every day this month, I joined a gym.

This is a huge deal for me. The last time I regularly went to a gym, there was one at work and I was still in college. No, that’s a lie. I went to Curves for like three weeks before I couldn’t take it anymore. That was after I was diagnosed with asthma so less than sixteen years ago. The wierdest pet is that I can better tell you which purse I was carrying at the time than I can tell you about the location of the gym.

This gym is just around they corner and has good hours. I am going tomorrow for my first workout there.

I am…. nervous? Expectant? Worried?  I don’t even know. But they have my fingerprints now, they can track me down….

I guess I have to go. Also, I just had the best idea for a story…

sleep well all

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