Decluttering Day… 12ish?

So, this is more like a week or two of decluttering and I didn’t even manage to get a lot of it on the list, but here we go:

  • feather
  • toy figures set
  • nail polish x8
  • dress
  • CDs x21
  • DVDs x6
  • test tubes x4
  • plates x4
  • bread plates x3
  • keychain
  • sm puzzle cube
  • shirt
  • mini ‘lite brite’
  • Books x25
  • Latch hook projects x3
  • marquetry kit
  • vase x2
  • fake flower x2
  • fake lea
  • plastic tiki cup
  • nodder mini animals x3
  • stress ball
  • metal wizard figure


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2 responses to “Decluttering Day… 12ish?

  1. Was your mini lite brite from Basic Fun? They are collectors’ items.

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