Read-a-Thon Roundup

The books finished during my reading:

  • Dead Reckoning – William Dresden. I picked this up to support a new author. It’s a horror novella, so be warned. It has an intriguing premise. I am going to keep an eye out for another book in the same universe.
  • Bad Paper: Chasing Debt from Wall Street to the Underworld – Jack Halpern. Fascinating look into the debt industry. A little scary and only slightly outdated. It wraps up in 2015.
  • Helen & Troy’s Epic Road Quest – A. Lee Martinez. Totally worth the romp. Sublimely ridiculous and still heartwarming with just enough tension. A great balancing act.
  • The Master of Dreams – Mike Resnick. First book in a trilogy. I really wish the rest were already available.

Books started and not completed

  • Billions and Billions – Carl Sagan
  • The Assassin Who Gave Up His Gun – EV Cunningham
  • Blue Plate Special – Kate Christensen
  • Lies Sleeping- Ben Aaronovitch

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