Day three

I have officially started the sequel to the novel whose edits I finished Saturday. I started a new novella possible book yesterday night but the characters and situation need more time to perk before I go any further. Still I have 5 pages into that one and five characters intros and the main thrust of the story is started.

As of 1428 on Monday I have 503 words into the new book. Let’s see how much father I can get by bedtime. Or well, I can’t take it anymore and I have work tomorrow time.

I bid on several things in an auction. For Christmas presents and or resale depending. I love online shopping.

I also was reminded that when I let my hair just air dry I end up with surfer girl hair. I so rarely let my hair dry without it being in a bun that I forgot that it was naturally wavy. Lol. Ah the curse of the female in our society. We always want the hair we don’t have — like flat hair or curly hair. People pay money to get these sorts of waves.

End of day update. Novel is at

3k words and just starting chapter three.

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