October 4 2019

So today is Friday and I am happy that it is the last day in the work week. I think I will actually be able to get some of the things on my to do list done today. Also, I am exploring a work opportunity this morning which may change my future career path. We will see how that goes.


1) That the little fox did not get hit by a car this morning. It was trying to cross what amounts to a 6 lane divided highway. It started back towards the side and I saw the car in the right lane hit the breaks. When I went by though, the fox was panting, but safely on the side of the road. She was adorable too. I just wanted to pet her and tell her it was okay.

2) The Cheshire moon that was in the sky on Wednesday night. The quarter moon grinning down at me is one of my favorite sights and it’s so much easier to see in the area I was that night.

3) The ability to ban bidders on eBay. The one I banned was rude and abrasive. And you know what? I have her the partial refund, even though I could have won the fight with eBay as the damage she cited was very clearly in the pictures. It was worth the money to just get rid of her and make sure she can never again deal with me on that platform. Also, she needs to learn when chat speak is not appropriate. Honestly, you do not use chat abbreviations when you are writing a business letter. Okay, obviously I need to do some work on releasing my feelings about this one. Still, I am grateful that eBay makes it possible to ban people.

Words: 0

EBay: Geek junk drawer set.

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