October 22, 2019

Discovered a new charity today by watching a video: onesimplewish.org. It provides gifts to kids in foster care who might otherwise not have anything special in their lives. You can donate a straight amount or you can choose a particular wish to sponsor. I love shopping for others, so this is right up my alley.

Similar to this is modestneeds.org which allows you to help families out with simple needs that might otherwise cripple their finances. For example, brakes on the car or new glasses.

You can help teachers out on donorsChoose.org if that’s your bag. I love buying books or art supplies for classrooms on this.

Just… do a random act of kindness today. We need more kindness in the world right now.

EBay sales: pattern, necklace, vintage Ewok, 2 books, collectable banks,


1) the meeting this afternoon which had the potential to go nuts was actually really well received and did not turn into something nasty

2) That the podcasts I listen to on the way to work and back are interesting and well produced.

3) That Nanowrimo is on its way and I know what I am going to write for it this year

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