October 25, 2019

I was listening to a podcast this morning that sparked me to think about my relationship to things. Physical things. I grew up as what is termed a Global Nomad. We are the children of service members, national company officers, diplomats, etc. We are used to moving every few years and attend multiple schools through our lives.

We do not have a family home.

This is a huge difference between my parents and myself. They have a town that they grew up in. Their parents lived in the same houses for more than forty years.

I have been, for the first time in my life, living in the same house for more than ten years. This is a huge shift and the coping mechanisms and the life I was used to hasn’t completely shifted either me.

As a nomad, my things were what I attached the term “home” to. The bed that moved with me, the teddy bear who traveled Europe with me, the collection of things which has followed me from place to place. What it also means is that I was used to a purge every two years because we were moving.

That hasn’t happened in years.

Thus, there is too much stuff in my life right now. This is part of why I am doing the eBay thing. To reduce that amount. Also, we have sent so many boxes to Goodwill that the people working there recognize my father. And still there is more stuff.

There’s not really a resolution to this explanation or exploration of my brain, but It is something I am trying to be aware of and change my thinking on. I do not need to surround myself with stuff just to have it. I don’t need to tie my memories or sense of home to them. Don’t get me wrong, I will never be a minimalist with a white box of an apartment and three pairs of black pants in my closet, but I am working at curating my life more and releasing the things that are just hiding in the closet.

EBay: Penny doll


1) That people will listen to my ramblings

2) That I have a possible new job opportunity

3) That I have the time and space to store things while I try to sell them and recoup some of the money to put against debts, as opposed to being so against the wall from packing that I just donate it all and hope for the best.

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