October 30, 2019

One day to Halloween. The decor is actually out before the day. This is a triumph.

I am wearing one of my Halloween dresses and planning on tomorrow’s. Part of me wants to try to do victory rolls to go with it, but the saner half keeps reminding me that it took me more than an hour to do it last time and I will not get up early to do it on a work day.

At any rate, the traffic tonight is awful, since there is wet death from above. (That would be rain for the non-Virginians in the crowd. Not to be confused with white death from above — snow) That means 80s on the Pandora app and me singing at full voice as much as possible.


1) That the Confide App exists

2) That the bronchitis and asthma have not dropped my voice too low to sing Bangles songs.

3) That my family is willing to indulge in Halloween decor.

EBay: chess pieces, and a Sleepy the dwarf figurine.

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