November 7, 2019

Today is rather a non-entity. There was work, and coming home, and dinner, and YouTube videos, but nothing spectacular. It’s just a day. I have had no deep thoughts and no spectacular insights. Though I did hear a cool story about a St. Louis housewife who channelled a truly wicked amount of novels, poetry, etc.

I need to do the back cover copy for a book and actually finish my nano words for the day, but I am feeling stunningly unmotivated. Still, I want to have the number be at least over 3K by the time I post tomorrow.

Nano Word Count: 2742

eBay Sales: Funko Pop


  1. I was *not* on a teleconference today – at all
  2. The rain was gentle today
  3. I have no shame in going to bed before 10PM

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