Day three of GalaxyCon

I am surrounded by artists. Their work is excellent but most of it slants toward anime which is not really my thing. Surprisingly, actually, because as a kid we watched a bunch of anime in Japanese because I was in Hawaii as a toddler.

This place wants to steal all of the money in my wallet. Gorgeous art, pins, jewelry, and stuffed animals which want to go home with me. I have successfully resisted the original oils and the framed macabre watercolor in the vintage frame. That does not mean that I resisted the sea turtle general or the nineteen fifties style Wonder Woman prints.

Or the clothes.

Or the books.

In all it’s a good shopping con with a lot of celebs. But I am not sure if it’s actually the right market for books. A lot of the book folks have other things like pins to help their bottom line. I am holding out hope for the end of the day because books are heavy and people want to not carry them around.

In other news, we were at the Secret Sandwich Society for dinner last night. (Yes tasty. Yes just as hipster as you think it is.) As we were finishing our dessert a bunch of people started pelting down the street and scattering like a startled flock of birds.

The waiter asked if we were done without check as the seven police vehicles arrived and set up a cordon. So, sure we paid, but we stayed until we were sure 1) we wouldn’t get shot and 2) we could actually walk in the direction of our hotel. Yeah, that was fun. Awesome story. And story fodder. Police bottler says it was random gunfire. No injuries reported.

Positive news on that front.

That seems a good place to end it. Positive news no one was injured and we have a great story to tell.

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