4-6-20 Day 8 of Stay at Home

EBay sales: mini American Girl doll, scrapbooking punch,

Number of eBay listings: 476

Eat from the panty adventure : meatloaf and gravy with egg noodles and green beans

Craft projects completed: 0

To do list items done:

  • Built new desk chair
  • Ordered boxes

So, I finally have the new password to my work time card which means I don’t have to call in and have someone at the call center put the time in for me. That is a step in the right direction. I have been productive in terms of eBay listings, but my writing has been…. quiet. I think I am going to work on the short story I was supposed to have ready last month today. I have a goal to finish something creative before I go back to the day to day grind.

The eating from the pantry/ freezer is going well. Of course we are mostly out of fresh veg except for some sprouts and cabbage, but we have canned and frozen. My hope is to clear out our small fridge and the outside freezer. Made my first poached eggs yesterday and they didn’t suck.

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