4-9-20 Day 11 of Stay at Home

EBay sales: lot of paint with diamonds kits,

Number of eBay listings: 500

Craft projects completed: 0

Eating from the pantry adventure: nothing today

To do items completed:

  • Started the tomato, peppers, and strawberries that have been hiding under the table

Hit the goal of 500 EBay listings today. It’s so much easier when you’re working with someone else. My friend and I use Discord to talk through listing issues or just generally talk. Even when it’s just us being quiet, the knowledge that someone else is sharing the moment makes it easier. Also, twice as much can get done. One more boxful you move to the eBay storage shelves.

Warning medical discussion ahead!

Almost pulled the wrong amount of meds this morning because I had one of my old needles. (States my new meds along with the stay at home. So much fun.) I am glad I double checked. It’s scary how easily habits and muscle memory take over. I used to give injections to animals as part of my job. So the actions of pulling a shot are ingrained. just as ingrained as double-checking the amounts. (The solution we were using was restricted and expensive.) I am glad of those muscles today.

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