4-15-20 Day 16 of Stay at Home

EBay sales: none

Number of eBay listings: 488

Craft projects completed: 0

Eating from the pantry adventure: pork medallions with baked potato and Brussels sprouts

To do list items completed:

  • Reorganization of the to read bookshelves

We have seedlings!

Seedlings in their colorful pots

Things I have discovered in the course of reorganizing my to-read bookshelves:

  • I need to read more
  • Any bookshelf with dust on the shelves need more books. Mine are double-stacked and dust would not dare to have dust on them
  • My methodology always needs to include removing all of the books from my shelves because I cannot sort them when the shelves are full.
  • I have some seriously old books on my shelves

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