5-4-20 May the Fourth Be With you

eBay Sales: 2 rubber stamps, pattern, coloring book

Number eBay listings: 501

Craft Projects Completed: 0

Eating from the Pantry adventures: not today.

To Do List Items Completed:

  • Backed up my hard-drive and external HD (In case you wondered — forever is the amount of time that takes. Time for a digital purge….)

True story: I was AwesomeCon, probably my first year there, and I passed by two Jedi. They nodded and said “May the Force Be with you.” My automatic response was “And also with you.”

The Catholic training is deep and wide, even though I haven’t been to mass since college. Except for funeral masses, of course. Pretty sure the Holy See is betting on getting me to come back to the Church when I am old and grey. True talk: If the Catholic Church allowed female priests, I’d have stayed in and gone to Seminary. I’m just not cut out to be a nun. But a priest(ess)? Yes, I’m there. In fact, if you’re ever interested, let me tell you about Athena….

So, happy belated Beltane. Merry Meet to all my Wiccan friends and/or Pagans who celebrate it. I totally missed it on my calendar. Luckily, I have people on Facebook who remind me about such things. LOL! Maybe I’ll try to use the little metal fire pit for a mini-bonfire.

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