Took Mom to the eye doctor today. It was unusual as an experience. We had to wait in the car until they called us. Then, we had to bang on the door because it was locked. Which, I understand, but still, it seems like something you should tell your patients when they come in. “We’re ready for you now. Just knock on the suite door and we’ll let you in.” See? Simple. Anyway, just set up and appointment on the way out for next year. Who knows what the procedure will be by then.

Stopped at Freddy’s for the first time ever. It’s in Fairfax and several other cities. I checked the website. Luckily for me they don’t deliver because *damn* it was delicious. I had the patty melt. I have immediately paid for eating the dreaded beef to which I am allergic, but I do not care. It tasted so good. So, I had to have a nap and itch a bit… Erm. Yeah, napping because your lungs aren’t getting air isn’t really fun, but it’s been that way since high school, so I’m used to it. I should have pre-loaded my inhaler before I ate. Next time. (They do have non-beef options, by the way — veggie and chicken.) Still, highly recommended.

EBay sales: Lemon squeezer, 2 books.

Crafts completed: zero, but we did put together a storage shelf in the basement which will allow us to unpack craft supply boxes. (Of which there are more than I realized. Maybe this will help us find things so we don’t need to rebuy things.) I only had to throw away 2 bottles of paint because they’d… gone off.

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