Writing from Prompts #9 Shadow (Orig Pub 4/3/2014)

Diana stood in the shadow of the dumpster. She wished that it was something a little more impressive, like a large gothic building, but she didn’t live in a city with that much history. No, it was all high-rises and tumbling old rowhouses. She adjusted her mask absently. The beige lace mask had defined eyes and was attached to safety glasses. She held them on with an unglamorous “frog” that was coated in more lace. The lace was broad enough to hide her cheekbones and her eyebrows. That was the point. She didn’t want the CCTV cameras to get a good look at her. Any hero or villain worth their salt was capable of hacking those.

Her pantsuit ended a little high for actual fashion, but tucked neatly into her army boots. No high-heels for her. The neat sailor billow of the legs hid the shin guards neatly. The wide belt at her waist held her tools: a taser, a baton, pepper spray, handcuffs, zip ties, a notepad with pen, and a pair of latex gloves. Her phone was protected by a hard-shelled case in an inner pocket at her back. The billowing sleeves of her shirt hid the body armor on her forearms. The over the shoulder holster that held her gun and extra clips was an odd form of corsetlet, but a much more useful one. Her hair was pulled back into a neat French braid and tucked under a watchcap that had an embroidered and bejeweled tiara on it. She was ready for her first full night of superheroing.

Vigilante was such a nasty word after all.

The dumpster smelled of vanilla and frosting. That was a lie. The dumpster smelled like rotten Chinese food and rat piss. Oh, what a glamorous life. Why was she doing this again?

Just then, she heard a scuffle and the cut off yelp of a female voice. She used a small hand mirror to assess the situation. One mugger with a knife. A nice easy way to start off.

She took a breath. Princess Raspberry to the rescue!

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