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#Milwordy update: 18,188 words

I’m working a lot more slowly than I usually do on these weekends. I don’t if that’s just because my wrists and fingers have been angry at me for trying to do 45 minute sprints, or if the story has been fighting me more, or if I’m more distracted by outside things. It’s probably some of each of those. It’s gotten to the point where I can only do about 500 words before my hands need the break. I was sprinting regularly at 1000 words just yesterday though, so it’s probably more being distracted.

On the plus side, I’ve decided that both of the projects I’m working on right now are in the same universe. They share the same city and there may be some characters which show up in both books. The main characters will probably not meet. At least not in these books. Maybe at some point in the future I’ll revisit this universe. That means that yes, magic does exist in this universe, but that doesn’t mean that people know about it. Or that Cassandra will fall over anything more than her namesake and the one item her great-aunt left her. At least not now. If we continue following her into other adventures, then yes. Heck, I’m beginning to wonder if Cassandra’s story would be better as a serial. Well, we’ll see. That might work. Or even one main book and then some short stories. We may end up following her bother in a different book. I think his could be a very quiet book though. I know what he’s looking for now and I’d like to see him find it.

Oddly enough, there was almost a sex scene in this book which is something I rarely actually indulge in when writing books. I might go back and put it in. Not just for words, but because I do think it would show of the relationship with her husband the best. He’s feeling very cardboard cutout to me right now. I do need to look into their relationship more and give him some more motivations and relationships.

I did not give the hotel a chance for breakfast this morning. Instead, I just ordered in IHOP. That worked out for the best I think. Lunch was a bag of chips because I’m meeting a friend for dinner. I need to get some more chips or something for tomorrow. I don’t want to order from 7-11. It’s just… it feels so wrong. And the hotel does not have the best snackbar available.

Oddly enough, I can’t find the right music for Cassandra. I tried alternative, but that didn’t work. I tried neo-pagan folk, but that hasn’t worked. Right now, I’m listening to video gamers talking because that gives me something to fill that part of my brain. It’s almost time to dial up “Uno the Movie” because I’m getting frustrated with her inability to communicate a proper sound. Maybe she’ll work best if I pull up the Atmospheric mixer and put on some sea sounds or marketplace sounds. That might be what’s wrong.

All that being said, I’m not sure that all of this story is actually going to be in the final book. We’ll have to see how it betas after I edit it. I have realized that I have once again forgotten to make the space around my characters actually feel like something. I am great with dialog, but I often forget that other people can’t actually see the setting the way I am when my characters are talking. I might go back and add that in tonight, just to give it a tighter feel of space.

Part of the problem is that Cassandra doesn’t care about the space around her. She’s basically a minimalist at heart. She lives in a space and has a lot of color around her, but she’s not attentive to the space the way Bryce is. Bryce is very involved with his surroundings because his obsessive thoughts do include cleanliness and visual organization. (Bryce is the MC for the other project I’m working on.)

Huh. So that perspective is a thing. Cassandra will basically be doing light establishing shots and Bryce does more in depth analysis of his surroundings. Okay. I can work with that. It will give the two projects their own feel and the characters their own voices. Amazing the number of random realizations I’ve come to today.

Anyway, the quest continues. Just keep on swimming.


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