eBay Sales: 0

Craft Projects Completed: 0 (4 rows on my scarf before my wrists got angry)

Dead Bulb Watch: 17 Days and counting

#MilWordy Update: 43,371 words

You know the best thing about short story collections? If you don’t like one story, you can just skip ahead to the next one. I have trouble with writing short stories though. I tend to have deep tangled plots in my brain and compressing that down is an issue. Endings are the hardest part of any story or book and trying to keep on track for a short story means that I really feel the need to write it in one sitting. My most successful stories have been written that way. Like a torrent of word pressing out and onto the page. It normally takes about an hour or two. I suppose that means I just really need to force myself to sit down and write something. If I try I might get rid of some of my works in progress that have been hanging out on my hard-drive. I owe a few for GFP. And I really want to work on the Jules Verne related story. I had a great idea after watching that lovely version of the Fugue and Toccata in D Minor that I had as the Sunday Night music this weekend. It’s about the tech on Nemo’s sub who had to maintain the organ.

I think I’ve found this week’s Sunday Night music too. Work has a restricted list of music available. (Think along the lines of a retail job where you can only choose between like 10 CDs. Enough to keep you from going absolutely off your rocker, but not enough to actually let you find something you love.) I’ve been listening to the concert set they did from Brazil. I’m going to leave it to be a surprise though.

I called in because my CT was giving me troubles this morning. I don’t know what I did to it, but spending the entire day using a mouse and keyboard sounded like the worst possible idea ever.

Today we removed the legacy equipment from an old alarm system that was just going off randomly. (System has been replaced, but the old equipment was still in place.) Managed to get it off without too much trouble. And we happen to have enough tiles to fix the backsplash too. Not that that will happen any time soon. Oh, I need to remember to pick up mastic and black grout. Next big project for me is to regrout my bathroom and redo the caulk. It has some sort of red dye on it and I don’t know where it came from because I’ve never actually dyed my hair in there. I can only think it must have come off of a towel or maybe it was in a shampoo or something? Anyway, I need to take off the caulk and redo it. Now that I know to use blue tape that will be a much easier job.

  • Note: If you’re going to recaulk your tub. (Check out a Youtube vid, if you need the visuals)
    • Step 1, use a razor and remove the old caulk.
    • Step 2, clean the surface of the tub and the tile.
    • Step 3, fill the tub with water.
    • Step 4. while the tub is filling, line the edge of the tub and the tile with blue tape, leaving just the line of where you want the caulk to be free between them
    • Step 5, Once the tub is full and the blue tape is in place, run a bead of caulk around the edge of the tub. You will want a caulk gun for this.
    • Step 6, Lick your finger and spread the caulk flat in the area between the two rows of blue tape
    • Step 7, Pull off the blue tape
    • Step 8, Leave the tub full and unused for 24 hours.
    • Step 9, Drain the water and enjoy your tub

And thus, if I can help someone else, my time today has been well-spent. My wrist is getting annoyed again, so it’s time for another break. Talk to y’all tomorrow.

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