eBay Sales: None

Craft Projects Completed : 0 (some progress on the scarf though)

Dead Bulb Count: 20 Days (paused for weekend)

#MilWordy Update: 48,535 Words (need to do 2798/day to complete on time)

I’m getting prepared to go on a trip and my biggest decision right now is whether I should bring my external keyboard with me. I know that I want to be able to write quickly and I’m not sure if I’ll go back to writing on my laptop. LOL. I’ll be honest, I’ve written for more than a decade on my laptop, so there’s no real excuse. And there’s no real need either. Yeah, I think I’ve decided no. I don’t want to take too much with me. Need room to bring things home. *looks around innocently* There might be some shopping in my future. I’ve been setting aside cash in order to be able to do that.

I am trying my best to only buy one thing at JoAnn Fabrics tomorrow. I don’t know if the mirror I want is even going to be there, but it’s also supposed to be on sale, so I’m going to give it a shot. They have a really cool Art Deco Halloween line — I do think I’ve mentioned this before. I do like Art Deco and Art Nouveau. And I am an overstuffed Christmas and Halloween type. I think I’ve been doing respectably at letting go of Halloween items though. I’ve listed and sold several large pieces of Halloween stuff. And I’ll be honest, the Art Deco Halloween items are *not* going to be packed away. They’re going to be part of my main decor, so there’s a lot less guilt in that.

Ug, just realized that I need to clean out underneath the desk in my office. there’s a stack of books hiding down there under my “shred me” box. I’m trying to capture all of the books that I have hanging around and put them into the proper piles. I mean, it’s not like I have too many books to fit onto my bookshelves. No, of course not. There’s no reason that I’ve got stacks and stacks of books on my floor that I’ve not read yet. And there’s absolutely no reason that I shouldn’t keep getting ebooks and audiobooks too. I’ve got plenty of time to read these days. Right? You know, now that I’m back full-time as of October 1. *sighs* I don’t even get the last two days off that I might have gotten next week. Ah well, it was nice while it lasted. And I’ve been more at work than I’ve been home during this adventure.

My friends and I are actually going to try to gather — properly masked and more than six feet apart — in a parking lot. That’s going to be a lot different than the online meetings we’ve been having.

People at work have been trying to tell me that things will get back to normal at work soon. That’s sort of a “live in interesting times” curse, I think. I still won’t have a co-worker who can cover for me when I’m out for a week. I feel sort of badly that I’ve only half-trained the person who will be picking up the slack for me. I’m going to have to make sure she has the latest drawings. Oh, hell. I need to start that now because I’ve been nose deep in it for months now and she’ll only have a week or two to be ready to support it all. That’s a whole ‘nother layer of stuff to prep for my trip that I hadn’t thought about. Meeting minutes are easy enough. And the usual stuff we’ve done should be okay. But there’s a bunch of things we’ve been doing specifically because of current events that I don’t think I’ve been looping her in on. Well, that’s going to be a pain in her inbox when I get in on Monday.

Here’s hoping my inbox stays under control next week and I don’t end up back over 1000 before I leave for a week. I expect it will be awful when I come back to work, but that’s always the case. It’s still not enough to keep me from going. Proper social distancing, masks, disinfectants, etc. will be going with me on the trip, but that’s the new normal right? I have to wonder what people will actually write in the history books about this year. There’s been so much going on.

And now, the President is not agreeing to a peaceful transition of power, is trying to force a vote on a Supreme Court justice — when out of respect for the election last time (Scalia in 2016) that was held until the new president was in power — and there’s still no large-scale reform of police procedures or actual justice for imprisoned children. And I’ve been hearing rumors (can’t say if they’re true) that people are once again advocating for eugenics in the prison system and trying to enshrine such practices in law. And sadly the Supreme Court hasn’t struck down such laws as unconstitutional and the precedent was set in 1979 that states were allowed to do such things. The supreme disregard for human bodily autonomy just sets my teeth on edge and makes it impossible for me to actually write anything dystopian because I’m not sure it won’t be used as a blue-print by the Powers That Be to drive us further into the ground. Oh, the headache is just tremendous. Okay, for my own blood pressure, I’m stepping away from the politics. For now. But the list of actually nicely researched topics I want to study is getting longer. And I’m trying to figure out how to make that pay beyond putting things on this site and popping up a tip jar. (Which I realize I ought to do just in general for my own peace of mind. If I crib together a way to keep health care and make writing my primary method of making money, without having to work for Starbucks, I will do so. It’s the planning part of that which makes me twinge.)

This is a long enough block of text today. I will talk to you tomorrow. Also — hello future historians! It’s been really interesting around these parts. Hope you have fun sorting through the mass amounts of data. Well, actually, I hope that somehow the Internet Archive expands and survives and that you can still access all of these digital words. Or that someone thinks to make them into something which cannot be easily destroyed by hitting the delete key on a service, ala Geocities.

Love, luck, and lollipops, lovelies!

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