eBay Sales: String lights

Craft Projects Completed: 0 (no progress on the scarf either)

#MilWordy Update: 58,300 words (2811 words/day to complete on time)

WordPress has changed its interface for writing posts. Currently, I hate it. I hate that I no longer have the actual control over my html. I can’t find any way to actually edit in html. I can only use the on-screen editor. Taking away my control over how my words are presented without my consent really tweaks me off. I am not happy.

I’m trying. I haven’t given up on it. I’m still working through the formatting options. And the blocks which I can add. So far, not working for me. I dislike the amount of white on the page. I dislike that all of my tag options and my scheduling options are hidden. There’s not even been a tutorial on this pushed into my face. I chose to continue using the old format for posting until the bitter end because I did not appreciate the “upgrade” which again removed functionality.

At the very least — give me a “night option” so that I’m not squinting at this horrible white screen. Also, where has my word count gone? You know — the one which was always in the corner? I wanted that information easily findable. And where is my option to go back to the basic editor? Please?

I suppose that’s enough whining about this topic. But it’s totally thrown off my groove and it’s making me uncomfortable.

And in summary, I’m feeling contrary and this new interface is kludgy and uninspiring, so I’m not writing anymore on this site today.

Pumpkins, leaves, and laughter, darlings. It’s what will get us through this.

Wait! I finally found the classic editor! If only it were, you know EASY TO FIND AND USE. I shouldn’t have to add it as a block in order to  use the easier interface. Seriously. WordPress, I am going to have to explore my options.

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