eBay Sales: None

Craft Projects Completed: 0

#MilWordy Update: 67,533 words (2843 words/day to complete on time)

I suppose I really ought to start titling these things something more interesting. I just don’t have that many clever titles. Ask anyone who’s been on one of my email lists. Normally it’s “update” or “new submission call” not anything clever. Still, people open those emails and they serve their purpose, so they’re not suffering.

The spam bots and I seem to have hit a creative slump today. They weren’t even trying to copy and paste essays today. It was very sad. I would love to tell you something interesting, but my main accomplishment for the day was getting my email under 300 and typing up meeting minutes. Meeting minutes are the bane of my existence and the equivalent to the weekly journal review you might have to write for your theory classes. Not my favorite subject or even anything I’m particularly interested in.

The problem, not just for me, but for many people, is that we’re rather good at whatever we’re hired to do and people interpret that as being interested or loving the job. No. This is a job. You hired me to do it. I have been trained by my 18 years of schooling to do the assignment I have been given to the best of my ability. The brainwashing is strong. That doesn’t mean I enjoy what I’m doing. Or that I sought it out. I fell into my career when my actual *plans* for a career careened into a health issue and I lost my way for awhile.

It seems to me, that these days, I could probably circle back to some of what I was planning. Even if I just do it on-line and for fun. It’s not as though I’m not competent or actually credentialed on the subject I want to explore. Hmm… You might see something a little more interesting in the future, but I don’t want to 1) spoil the possible surprise or 2) disappoint myself when this new plan smashes up against something else. It would be nice if I could actually find a way to leverage myself into one of the R&D tracks that my old company was doing. I think I still have the cards of some of the folks who were working on it.

I could wax poetic about the Northern Lights that I got to see once when I was shorter than I am today. Or I could blather on about some sort of writing thing. But the reality is, I’ve got a headache and I really just want to sleep. So, goodnight, my someones, goodnight. (Song cue!)

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