EBay sales: candy dish

Craft projects completed : insert laughter here

#MilWordy Update: I will catch up with this tomorrow. No significant progress since Friday though.

Things of random notice so far on this trip:

  • The power chair we rented is worth every penny. I don’t have to push. Mom doesn’t feel guilty and has more autonomy. The cast members are making a point of talking to her rather than me as well, which is a subtle but significant change that makes her happier too. I don’t know if she’s actually noticed that yet
  • The bus service to the resorts is sketchier than usual. They have a restricted number of seats available and not enough extra buses to cover for that. The couple at the head of our line had been waited over an hour and a half by the time the bus got to us.
  • The buffets have come up with an excellent way of continuing. The food is still all you care to eat, but they bring your party a platter with a selection of everything that is on offer and if you want more of anything you just ask for it. I think this must reduce the amount of food waste too because people don’t take stacks of food. I have greatly enjoyed them.
  • I burn like crazy even when I use sun screen. I know this and still I was surprised when my pale skin turned red on the shoulders. I went to Hawaii and got a sunburn during the two rainiest weeks they had ever experienced.
  • I don’t like crowds
  • A baby’s lungs are stronger than the elevator / resort sound system.
  • I am getting old and my knees do not appreciate me getting up and going from a mile a day to five miles with no in between.
  • I am much more interested in taking pictures now that I can use an on-line photo book company rather than trying to scrap it myself.
  • The Battlestar Gallatica theme song (original series) is in my head know that it was randomly playing near an attraction with absolutely no connection to BSG.

Regularly scheduled madness will resume next week, I think. Right now: sending healing vibes to a friend who has been to the ER and Urgent Care this weekend. Additional positive thoughts would be welcome.

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